“What I love best about my job is helping authors bring their covers to life enough to entice their readers to pick up the book.“

Nydia Pastoriza

Senior Designer


I'm an experienced professional that will work closely with you, providing a seasoned opinion and the expertise to deliver design you are 100% satisfy. If you don't see what you're looking for please feel free to reach out and see if we can make it happen together.

After designing book covers and many other things for corporate America, I’ve decided to start doing it on my own and offer pre-made book covers along with custom book covers and many other design services for self-published, and indie authors. Some of the other services my team and I offer are social media graphics for a book launch and teasers with book quotes, some in the form of animated covers to compliment book covers.

I love designing beautiful book covers and format books to e-books and for prints for self-published authors. The services I offer are for most standard platforms like… eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle, Amazon, Createspace, Feedaread and more.

Design Career


I've been designing for over a decade and pride myself on providing top of line design services. I love to help my clients find the perfect look and feel for their business and/or products and packaging. To see more of my design portfolio and experience click here.