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Get your book cover re-done for FREE… you heard it right for FREE – 2nd week in January

So far the year has started on the right foot, I’m working on a few custom book covers, as well as growing the pre-made book cover inventory.
One of the things I want to offer this year is re-doing a FREE book cover a month. Why? I’ve had a chance to talk to several authors and I’ve heard things like ‘if I would have known of the resource out there when I published my first book”, ‘I think my 2nd book would have sold better if it had a different cover”, “I would love to give my book a facelift…’ so on and so forth. With all the being said what come after is… “I just didn’t know”, or “I don’t have the financial resource right now”, “I’m in the middle of finishing another book and I can only afford one book at a time right now” So I’ve decided to do 1 FREE re-do cover a month, this is to help authors that are starting out, I know what that’s like.
Book cover design by Nydia PastorizaHere is a book the author decided to re-do the cover. The black cover is the original cover and although is not a bad cover, after reading the book (which I highly recommend) I can tell you the new cover suits the book better. I’m getting info on the author on how the book is doing with the new cover and I’ll be sure to share in a future post.


Get book Following Evan by Elida May



Here is how it works:

Fill out the form on here as best as possible, when I make a decision on the book of the month I’ll reach out to the author and we’ll get working together on a cover that will help them sell lots of books. I’m also happy to work with authors on marketing to get the word out. If you or someone you know can benefit from this service please share the link or have them email me at nydia@sazzyreader.com.

Thank you for reading.