e-Book Conversion

Basic text conversion (word or readable PDF) to .mobi and ePub
for 300 pages or 70,000 words will cost around $50.00. For 300 + pages
or more, please contact us at nydia@sazzyreader.com

Pricing is reasonable and straight. E-Book Conversion rates start from as
low as $ 0.20 per page and increase depending on the complexity of the book. See below:

 Basic Book
$0.20 per page, book with text, no multimedia, images or graphics

Advanced Book
$0.25 per page, books with images and text. Text will perform a major part comparing to multimedia

Complex Book
$0.30 per page, books will have optimized table of contents, internal linking, footers and endnotes, images, graphs and content formatting, using CSS stylesheet to control the formatting of the book.

CreateSpace Layout $40
*If you combine both e-book and print you only pay $30 for CreatSpace Layout - a discount of $10

Conversion Process

  • You send us the book, virtually in any format by emailing us at nydia@sazzyreader.com.
  • If the file is large is size, we’ll provide an FTP account, where files can be uploaded.
  • Along with the book, send us your book cover. If you don’t have one yet, we can design one for you. For custom book covers click here or to view our selection on Pre-made covers click here.
  • We convert few pages of the book as a sample, including the cover (if one is provided), introduction, preface and content for you to review.
  • Once you approve the format, we provide a competitive quote (usually starts from as little as US$ 0.15 per page).
  • The final product is verified by ePubCheck and other validation tools if any error occurs.
  • For an average book, our turnaround time is no more than 48 hours. We’ll notify you in advance if more time is required for conversion.



Question about getting your book converted?